Citizen Q&A: Part 2: Police Budgets

Police Budgets:

In February, Prince George city council requested an independent review of the city’s policing needs. The report, expected back later this year, will likely indicate that Prince George needs to add a significant number of additional RCMP officers due to the higher-than-average caseload per officer in the city. At an approximate cost of $200,000 per officer per year, would you support increasing the city’s annual RCMP budget to act on the recommendations of the report? Why or why not?


No, more police officers will not solve the problem. A refocus of current priorities of the RCMP needs to considered towards services such as Car 60.

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Citizen Q&A: Part 1: Fortis Reserve

Q&A from the Citizen:

The city currently has $28.3 million in the Fortis Reserve Fund, following the conclusion of a 17-year lease deal with FortisBC. What is your vision for how to use that money to benefit the city?

Acquisition of land to make Ginters Meadow/Field a park.

Acquisition of land as part of the city’s commitment to the BC Housing Action Plan.

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